On May 12th, 2017, Producer & Singer Noah Cebuliak released his first LP Taboos as This Flame I Carry. The record is a full-power exploration of the liminal realms, a deep dive below the surface of everyday experience.


After a period of touring his first EP, Saltwater, Cebuliak became intrigued by the essential question of cultural and personal taboos. Following this thread through many twists and turns, Cebuliak eventually found himself in Montréal. Here, navigating the hipster chaos of moving between numerous unstable living situations, he recorded his revelations wherever possible - closets, friend’s spare bedrooms, laundry rooms - throughout 2015. It became clear that these new recordings were a departure from the soft indie folk-rock of Saltwater;  there was an edge to the sounds, a notable obsession that was difficult to ignore.

Eventually collaborating with producer Luke Loseth (Sea Oleena, Holobody, O’Hara), along with young talent from the Montréal music community, Taboos began to take shape. Out of the process, the image of a flame emerged, a fire we each carry to shine light into the dark corners of living as a human in the 21st century, hence the name.

Known previously as Ghost Lights, Noah Cebuliak released his debut EP, Saltwater in 2013. Canadian magazine BeatRoute praised the folk-rock album as “soulful” and “cozy,” and it climbed steadily into the top 50 of the Canadian college radio charts. Tours and festival appearances followed as Ghost Lights shared stages with Emily Millard, John Jacob Magistery, Hannah Epperson, Jesse Mac Cormack and many more. A crowdfunded and self-published anthology of 75 poems, titled The Winter of My Mind, followed in 2014, serving as an addendum to the wilderness and coming of age themes explored in Saltwater.

In 2016, Cebuliak decided to return to his native Canadian west coast to step back and complete other projects, and to reintegrate with his original wilderness inspirations. Taboos laid dormant for many months until it was eventually mixed on idyllic Salt Spring Island in a small cabin on the ocean, near to where the first drafts of the album’s songs were written, thus completing the circle that began 3 years earlier.

Based now on Salt Spring, This Flame I Carry is an ongoing story of metamorphosis, a process of persistence and penetrating self-confrontation. It’s the light of reason in the frigid winter rains. It’s the thing you know you must protect against the winds that seek to scatter. It’s what is most true. It’s the devotion to your God, whoever She is.







Released May 12th, 2017

Noah Cebuliak - Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Electric Bass, Keyboards 
Mike Bjella - Saxophones & Clarinet
Patrick Cruvellier - Violin 
Patrick Latreille - Acoustic Bass, Guest Production
Monica McKernan - Backup Vocals
Luke Loseth - Auxillary Percussion, Guest Production

Written, Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Noah Cebuliak 
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, QC 



Released November 27th, 2012

Noah Cebuliak
- Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Drums
Monica McKernan - Backup Vocals
James Finnerty - Backup Vocals
Simon Lévesque - Acoustic Bass
Jorge Flores - Electric Bass
Francois Boivin - Vibraphone
George Montagu - Trumpet
Danny Gadoury - French Horn
Mira Dahn - Violin
Amber Jackson - Viola
Nicole McDonald - Cello

All songs written by Noah Cebuliak
Except "The Flask," by Joe McDougall

Produced by James Finnerty & Noah Cebuliak
Engineered by James Finnerty

Mixed by James Finnerty
Mastered by Dimitri Condax

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